#160 "Information and Resource Center for Parish Nurse/Wellness Programs"
Ministry Office has available resources, etc., for parishes wishing to begin/expand parish nurse/wellness programs.
Phone: (618) 235-9991

#161 "A/V and Printed Resource Materials" The Ministry office has available to loan the following materials:

Printed Materials:

  1. "Intergenerational Activities" booklet printed by Ministry Office
  2. AARP materials on the topic of Intergenerational Activities
  3. Materials pertaining to Parish Nurse Program
A/V Materials
  1. "A Time to Reap" - the spirituality of our elders and a call to volunteering.
  2. "The MSA: 1996" - overview of the MSA, but can be used for meditation.
  3. "Elizabeth Ministries"
  4. "Conscience & Conflict"
  5. "Facing Death"
  6. "Euthanasia"
  7. "Aging Parents" - 2 different videos.
  8. "Pastoral Bereavement Counseling"
  9. "Growing Old in a New Age"
    • Myths & Realitites of Aging
    • How the Body Ages
    • Maximizing Physical Potential of Older Adults
    • Love, Intimacy & Sexuality
    • Learning, Memory & Speed of Behavior
    • Intellect, Personality & Mental Health
    • Social Roles & Relationships in Old Age
    • Family & Intergenerational Relationships
    • Work, Retirement and Economic Status
    • Illness & Disability
    • Dying, Death & Bereavement
    • Societal & Political Aspects of Aging
    • The Future of Aging

#162 "Parish Nurse/Wellness Networking"
Ministry Office coordinates the Networking of Parish Nurse and/or Parish Wellness Programs.

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