#110 "MSA Volunteer Program"
90+ volunteers are trained to take Communion, and visit patients/ residents at Belleville Memorial Hospital and 12 area nursing homes. Volunteers are affirmed & recognized for their service regularly throughout the year, and in a special way during the Advent season.

#111 "Birthday Greetings"
Birthday greetings, an affirmation of the value of life, are sent to all nursing home residents and Ministry volunteers.

#112 "Parish Census"
Periodically the Census of Catholic residents of 16 area nursing homes is updated. The census includes the former parish of almost all of approximately 500 Catholic nursing home residents.
Call (618) 235-9991 for your list.

#113 "Summer Outing"
500 residents, staff, and volunteers are treated to an Annual Summer Outing at the Diocesan Pastoral Center each June. Residents come from nursing homes in 5 counties: St. Clair, Clinton, Monroe, Randolph & Washington.
Ministry Staff is available to assist in beginning a similar program at any location in the Diocese of Belleville.

#114 "Medical Equipment"
Wheelchair, walkers, camodes, canes, crutches, toilet extenders, etc., are available to borrow from the Ministry office. This service is provided for use by anyone living in private homes/apartments ONLY.

#115 Weekly "Sunday" Bulletin
A weekly "Sunday" bulletin, preparing by Office Staff & printed by Liturgical Publications Inc. of St. Louis, is distributed at area nursing homes and Memorial Hospital by Staff Volunteers & Chaplains each week. Containing news, prayers, birthday announcements, reflections, nursing homes Mass schedule, etc., the Bulletin contributes to building a sense of community among the Catholic residents of area nursing homes.

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